Vistar’s manufacture including the selection and purchase of accessories


manufacture including the use of Client’s accessories

I. Technical and technological documentation

– making drawings and descriptions of models
– preparing templates in the target size
– gradual sizing according to Client’s needs
– production of cut patterns (patterns)

II. Stages of preparation and production

1. Making prototypes according to the vision of the Client’s stylists
2. Preparation of a collection of patterns
3. Fabric testing, selection and purchase of appropriate accessories
4. Forwarding complete orders to production partners.
5. Packaging, taking into account production options: CMT/CM
6. Product supervision at every stage of manufacture
7. Final quality acceptance of the finished product.
8. Shipping to the Client (DDU transport) or own pickup (EXW transport).

III. Special program

We offer the possibility of kosher production in accordance with the rules in force in Jewish law.

IV. MTM Program

We are working on developing an exclusive Made to Measure (MTM) program for individual clients. The idea behind the program is to serve a group of people who want to benefit from the highest quality of sewing services and finishing of the fabrics as well as business and ceremonial accessories.

MTM Offer